Backup Strategies


All I ask from anyone who reads this today is to look at their backup strategy. I thought I had mine down. I have an original iMac with a big hardrive that serves as my backup server at my house. I have a .mac account with Apple, so I used (past tense) Backup for my backup software. I back up all my documents, preferences, photos, purtchased music, etc.

Without getting into details, I lost some data, and was forced to take a good hard look at my backup strategy…you know, what you say to yourself, but fail to actually look at it because everything is fine now. I am just asking you to look at your current strategy, and if it is not working or non-existent, do yourself a favor and tkae the 5-10 minutes it takes to plan it, and then some time this weekend to implement it. For me, I am going to start using rsync at home, as I do at work with my web servers.

I can easily set up a cron job, and have everything run in the background, only updating what needs to be updated. (see my past rsync post) I am also going to start keeping off site backups of my photos and documents (music is pretty much on my iPod already). Don’t delay, please…get a working backup strategy before it is too late.

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