Two Interesting Facts about the Hiroshima Bomb


I subscribe to Discover Magazine and am constantly blown away with the stuff I read.

Last night I was reading a recent edition and just had to share two facts about the Hiroshima bomb that they mentioned:

  1. The amount of matter converted to energy in the atomic bomb was about 700 milligrams – less than 1/3 the mass of a US dime.
  2. The fireball resulting from the bomb’s explosion was 50% hotter than the surface of the sun.

I do not know about you – but all I can say is holy cow…that is a lot coming from a little!!

2 thoughts on “Two Interesting Facts about the Hiroshima Bomb”

  1. Ben

    This deserves a Carl Sagan moment. Makes me think about how he would attempt to convey how unbelievably vast the universe is vs our little planet here.

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