loud cell phone talkers.


To the annoying girl on the 523 train that got off at Des Plaines stop after talking the entire non-express train trip…I have something for you….a F*&$)ing clue: everyone on the train does not care about the horrible day you had. As you talked about how nervous you were at work and how you started crying because you could not convert a Word Perfect document to a Word document…I think we all thought you were pathetic. How do I know? I think everyone in your car except for me gave you the super pissed off slow head turn in your direction to give you a hint. Guess like your day job, you just do not get it. I do not understand the phenomenom of loud cell phone talking!!?? Cell phones have a amazing mics and just like when talking to a foreign person, talking louder does not help, it only annoys everyone around you. I do not care if you use your cell phone on the train home, but try to follow these two courtesy points:

  • know your ring. How many people do I have to stare at in order for them to think “Oh, you know that ear piercing ring could be mine!”
  • adjust your ring volume to an appropiate level. I should not clearly hear your ring while I have my iPod on. If you are concerned about missing calls, try vibrate mode and ring.
  • you do not need to talk loudly into the phone. I can usually get away with a level between my normal volume and a whisper. Really. We do not care about what you did today or what you are having for dinner, or that you cried at work because you did not know the difference between a section and a page break.

I think my favorite Metra story of all times in their newsletter was a story about someone who was sitting next to one of these annoying cell phone talkers. Blah blah blah, all the way to her stop. During the cell phone conversation, the loud talker gave the caller her cell phone number so they could call her back. The annoyed Metra rider memorized it, got off at her stop, headed over to a pay phone and called the loud talker and told her what I am telling you. Have some f*&%ing consideration and shut the hell up!

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