the commute


The commute movie. This movie was shot in November 2001 in and around Chicago to show my parents and grandparents what my morning commute was like on any given day (especially one where I was running late).

new york city

The new york city movie. This movie was shot in July 2002 in New York City with my non in-laws when I went to see ground zero as we were seeing the city by foot and by car. Note to self, charge batteries before the trip.

ground zero

The ground zero movie. This movie was shot in July 2002 in and around ground zero from September 11th in New York City. I was filming a strange place while walking in a big crowd, so excuse the jumpiness.


The metra movie. This movie was shot in the Spring of 2003 from my suburb to the downtown Chicago Metra station. Between the crazy sun and the tinted windows, the movie almost has a “Sopranos” look.


The farm movie. This movie was shot in October 2003 at some friends’ house for their annual farm fling. Lots of great friends, food, animals, crazy ducks, and even somereally cute baby chicks.

triscuit and wish

The Triscuit and Wish movie. This movie was shot in the Sping of 2004 at Wish’s house. Triscuit is the fawn (tan) dog (my dog) and Wish is the brindle dog, aka Triscuit’s foster sister. Don’t worry, Triscuit has since gained some weight.


The office movie. his picture slideshow was created in May 2004 in my Chicago office. It shows our [blank…watch it and fill in] office space right before we moved into our new, more modern building.