Too Busy to Post?


Between my training (I am learning BIND right now, converting my sites to CSS, installing Mandrke Linux 10.1 and trying to prepare the house for my mother’s week stay, I have not been able to do too much fun stuff. I am also trying to finish up Tiger Woods 2004 so I can move onto to Tiger Woods 2005! Anyways, I am hoping by next week tht things settle down and I am able to talk about some cool tricks and such I have learned with CSS, SSL, and BIND.

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Seinfeld on DVD, Finally (take 2)

The show full of “what’s the deal with this?” and “can you believe that?” is making me ask the same questions. From reading about the show’s DVD release… I found this deal which advertises all nine seasons for one price, but all the big stores (Best Buy, are only offering Seasons 1-3 on DVD. […]

Serenity Now!

oh canada?

Well. Four more years of Bush, that is a certainty, but as the days go by, Canada is looking better and better.