Time to Move to Vonage/Satellite?


I have been debating for the last several weeks about moving from my traditional phone service to Vonage. For someone like me who does not use the phone a lot, does it make sense for me to pay $50 a month for local phone service, another $50 for my cell phone, and A pays another $40 for her cell phone.

While our cell phones have become a necessity, I cannot justify paying $50 a month for our land line. Vonage offers plans starting at $14.99, so even if there is $15.00 in taxes, I am still paying $20.00 a month less. Any Vonage users out there that have any comments?

I am also looking to move from Comcast cable…hopefully once and for all. I got sucked in for another six months when they offered me a good deal on digital cable and HBO, but when I got the $83.00 bill in the mail – just for TV…well, I knew I would be spending some time on the phone and researching satellite options. I know Ken is a fan of Direct TV. Anyone else have any opinions?
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7 thoughts on “Time to Move to Vonage/Satellite?”

  1. Dad M

    A student I work with has family in Canada. Her brother went to Vonage, said it was like a bad cell connection and dropped it. Mike has Direct TV – ask him.

  2. Doug

    If you are planning on leaving comcast all together – remember that DSL requires a land line. I was thinking of trying vonage, until I realized I needed my AT&T line anyway for the DSL. There is no escaping Ma Bell!

  3. jenz

    Good call Doug. Now I am beginning to rethink it…especially after someone also pointed out that in an emergency, I would have to rely on power, and a connection if I needed to call 911. I know I have a cell phone too, but I do not carry around that all the time. Perhaps I need to just keep my exisiting service and look at DSL and satellite to get rid of my high Comcast bill…which would offset the cost of the landline phone. Everyone who has DSL happy with the speed?

  4. Doug

    Mine is adequate. I got the “pro” or “gold” or “$10 more per month for likely no better performance” package with my DSL. Comcast was definitely faster though.

  5. timfitz

    There is some sort of law that will be active soon that will allow you to have DSL without having a phone line. I’ve been looking into Speakeasy. A friend of mine has them and likes it a lot. As for Satellite, I like DirecTV a lot, much better picture than Comcast, especially their HD. DirecTV now has a high speed connection that doesn’t need a phone line.

  6. jenz

    Well, I am sold on the DirectTV deal…I am still debating on the DSL/cable modem…but I will check out the DirectTV internet package. Thanks!

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