Rove On!


This past weekend was a great weekend. Nice weather, golf…and a new purchase…a Land Rover Discovery. A’s Civic was a hardcore car, but not something I wanted to drive, or something that I felt safe in. Time to upgrade to a Land Rover. I know…gas consumption…everything has pluses and minuses and I am fully aware of this. If you are from the Chicagoland area, I would highly recommend buying a Land Rover from Land Rover Hoffman Estates. We were treated with nothing but respect and there was no level of sleeziness at all. Some interesting facts I learned…

  • Land Rover was previously owned by BMW. Like a good parent when meeting their child’s date, I wanted to know what Ford’s intentions were for Land Rover and that little tidbit came out about BMW. Apparently, all the engineering is still done by the Germans, all the production is still in Great Britain, and that Ford is really only involved in buying materials at a discounted rate for Land Rover. *I am still a bit converned with the fact that they released the Freelander, but as of 2006, it is no longer made, so hopefully they learned their lesson.
  • The Queen of England is transported in a Land Rover. Whatever is good enough for the Queen…
  • Land Rover owners can get a free car wash at the dealership at any time.
  • There are driving courses that the dealership offers annually to teach owners how to drive through deep sand, water, snow, and on crazy hill slopes. (I should have had one of these when I lived in NY)

So far, so good. I am excited to see it in action this winter, and for the first time, I am not worried about my safety or A’s safety when we are in “her” vehicle.

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