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I came across the new White House Blog today: http://www.whitehouse.gov/blog/. Although it is not WordPress ūüėČ ‚Äď I will definitely follow this and see how they actually use it. If you have never been to the White House web site ‚Äď it is definitely worth a visit. The site has all kinds of facts, videos, speeches, and of course ‚Äď the blog.

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US Inauguration Traditions

Yesterday for the first time I actually got the chance (or remember) to see a lot of the activities prior to the actual presidential inauguration. As someone that absolutely loves history ‚Äď yesterday was so magical for so many reasons. First of all ‚Äď to see over 2 million people peacefully (no arrests) come together [‚Ķ]

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WordPress Tutorials, Training, and Videos

There is now a great resource for WordPress users and developers alike: WordPress.tv. The site offers all kinds of tutorials, videos from WordCamps, tips, tricks, and all kinds of information to make WordPress work for you. If you use WordPress ‚Äď check it out!