Health Care Reform


I was up late Sunday night watching the news coverage on this and I was happy I could witness this historical moment in our country’s history. Everyone has their own opinion on the bill that was passed and here is mine. I do not expect all to agree, but here is my take.

As a small business owner I am delighted to hear that this is available. Trying to find affordable and quality health care for my business has been a nightmare – now there will be an option for people who would have been turned away due to pre-existing conditions or any other reason. I have personally experienced the difficulty of getting insurance as well as have several other friends who wanted to start their own business but could not because they could not qualify for insurance because of knee surgeries, etc. Now – they can no longer sit in a dead end job “just for the insurance”.

While I do not think this law makes us a socialist nation or that the government is going to take over everything, reform and regulations must be put in place. It is time the doctors treat you and not the insurance companies.

Further more, over the last few months as more and more of my hard core Republican friends who have been laid off are getting near to the end of their Cobra coverage are starting to freak out because they cannot get health insurance. At this extremely stressful point in their lives – they finally realized an option (private insurance companies of course) would literally be life saving. Funny how things work…

Honestly – I think this is a lot less invasive and a lot more beneficial than most people understand it to be. I have my family members and friends who still think Obama and the left wing are going to take their guns from them and I am saddened by the fact they live with such unrealistic fear. The same goes for health care. It is well known that the Republican party is much better at communicating with the public (even if it takes scare tactics) than the Democrats, and I believe this is the real issue here. The Democrats are so surprised how far the Republicans go to sway their contingency that they fail to communicate at all with further polarizes us.

I am an independent and see value in both parties’ views on particular issues, but I am happy to see this get signed into law and hopefully this will help a number of people – especially now when so many people are out of work and have no health insurance.

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