A Date With Madonna

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The date is finally set and happening! Today I purchased tickets for Madonna’s upcoming 2023 concert am now officially counting down the days until I see her.

As someone who has loved Madonna since a young child, is known to have worn out a tape of her’s from overuse, and that has her photo proudly displayed in my living room…I am overly excited to finally be able to share a memorable experience with my family.

Say what you will about Madonna (she does not care…nor do I) but there is something about being in her presence that is extremely special. I am not sure what it is but when I am in her presence I feel like I am my best self. Having my kids with me will make it even more special. They have never been to a concert and to be able to have this as their first concert will be something they will never forget.

Here is one of my favorite Madonna mixes for your listening pleasure while at work, at the gym, or in the car:

2 thoughts on “A Date With Madonna”

  1. Vicke Zelazny

    What a great experience to share with the kids! I still remember that tape blaring from your room as soon as you arrived home from school!!

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