FitDay/Lifestyle Change Update


Well, it has been ten days now since I first started watching what I eat/how much I exercise, etc and I am happy to say I have lost a few pounds. I am not looking for the “quick fix” or the miracle diet…as I know moderation is key. What I have found out about using is that I tend not to snack or just eat a few of this or that because I do not want to enter it in FitDay. I am not that lazy…I am just aware that that will add up and that it is not working. The opposite is true about exercise. I want to keep track of everything I do because I want to make sure I can track something. Look out!

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Web Development

learning php.

A big thanks to Scott for pointing me in the right direction. I just got back from the store with the huge book he recommended – PHP and MySQL Web Development. I plan to start work on my first “from scratch” WordPress plugin in the next few days. [tags]PHP, MySQL, WordPress[/tags]