I have decided to join the “fat CTO” and really get serious about my health and wanted to track what I eat, my exercise, and my weight…and thankfully there is a really cool web site that does all that: FitDay (free).

Not only can I enter in all of my food items (nutritional info is already available for the majority of things I eat and drink) but I can also track my weight, exercise, and nutritioal intake by using reports that generate cool graphs and charts.

FitDay also has a journal section where I note my blood pressure and my stress level. I have been using this since May 30 and so far I am very pleased with it.

If you are looking to lose weight or to take a good luck at what you are eating, give FitDay a shot!

11 thoughts on “FitDay”

  1. Dustin Cook

    Ok sorry but that thing is lame. What you really need to do to lose weight is yes eat healthier, but the best thing is just get more exercise.

  2. jenz

    Dustin, although I agree with you about the importance of exercise, it is not the end all be all of weight loss. Let’s face it…you gain weight when you consume more calories than your body needs/burns. At this stage for me, eating healthier is a must and being able to see my caloric intake helps. PS, awesome photos at your site and congrats on making the Quebec Ski Team!

  3. meg

    I hear you about being more vigilant – however, now and then, the “I need to have” syndrome kicks in and I have ice cream, alcohol, chocolate, whatever” – I don’t think a web site will help that. Plus, you have amy – she is me doubled – worried about her health and weight all the time – I often wonder why I worried all these years? Aunt Jackie’s cholesterol is fine and mine is HIGH!!!!!! Love yah, Jen – just the way you are – did you like Jes?
    love, mom
    wish I lived closer!!!!!
    It’s raining here – I love the sound – wish I could bottle that! I know it wouldn’t be fattening! (-:

  4. Dustin Cook

    Jenz: First of all thanks very much!

    Secondly, if you eat healthy, and excersice regularly (say 4 times a week at least) you will lose weight much faster than simply eating right.

  5. jenz

    Yes, this is why I like FitDay…I track what I eat as well as how much and the type of exercise I do per day. 😉

  6. Dustin Cook

    “Yes, this is why I like FitDay…I track what I eat as well as how much and the type of exercise I do per day”

    Woops! Didnt see that it tracked what activities you did.

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