Mac Mini Surgery: Success!

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Well, I ended up purchasing a mac mini (custom build) and a 23″ Cinema Display. (Why the mac mini? I am not happy with the G5 line as of yet) Anyways, there was no way I was going to let Apple put a gig of RAM in for me for over $300 when I could buy it for $125. So, when I oreded the mac mini, I ordered it with 256mb of RAM and ordered the extra RAM from I found some good take apart guides and just as I was going to head out to Home Depot to get a putty knife, a friend of mine messaged me and asked me if I had seen the “wire trick”.

I was not too excited about scratching my new computer so I gave the article a quick read. I was instantly intrigued and decided I better give it a try. Within fifteen minutes, my mac mini was taken apart, and ready for the new RAM. A few snaps back in place, and I was restarting! Thanks J for the tip!
Check out the pictures!

P.S. Before you put the mac mini back together, make sure you remove the wires…or you will have to take it apart again to remove them. 😉

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