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Spam. We are all sick of it. Contact information…if you have a web site it is most likely you will need to post your contact information (email address) somewhere. To stop robots from spidering your email address, I would suggest encoding it. Yeah, if you notice my email address is not always encoded on my personal sites, but all email address on any non password protected page on my professional sites are always encoded, using the Email Address Enocder on a web site I found years back. So if you are tired of spam and you want to do something about it, check it out.

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So perhaps you have considered implementing a content management system for yourself of your company. I have gone back and forth several times. Do I want to use one because of all the feautures and role based options? Do I want to not use one so I can fully customize everything? Do I have time […]

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This is officially design #4 for jappler.com. My web sites are always evolving, and I am always trying to build my template library, so here we are again. I needed a PSU blue for my site, and I finally have it. I have not used this blue since 1998, and when looking at my site…all […]