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google maps + sopranos = sopranos maps.

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Fifteen months ago, when I knew I had to wait sixteen months to see the next season of Sopranos I was not sure I could wait…but with only a little over a week left before the first episode of season six, I am pumped.

HBO has added Sopranos Maps to the Sopranos HBO web site which is really impressive (a little slow, but still impressive). Sopranos Maps are a cobmination of Google maps and storyline/video from the previous season. Click on a pre-defined hot spot on the map and up comes video from last season along with background information about the video. Good job HBO!

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3 thoughts on “google maps + sopranos = sopranos maps.”

  1. timfitz

    I can’t wait for the new season to start. BTW why are you promoting webpages that don’t work in Firefox? It’s very cool (once I loaded in IE :))

    “Respect the pizza parlor!” -Christopher Moltisanti

  2. jenz

    Interestingly enough, this works fine for me in FF, perhaps you do not have the needed plugins 😉
    I love that Christopher quote.

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