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Boxing and Kettlebells

Boxing Kettlebells Workouts
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Here is another workout that includes both boxing and kettlebell work.


Two minutes of work time, 30 seconds of break between each round. Twelve Total rounds. You can either use gloves/heavy bag or pick up some light weights and shadow box for the the boxing rounds.

The Rounds

* Note – I have written these out for an orthodox stance.
** KB = Kettlebell

  1. One arm KB deadlift > high pull > clean > squat > press > switch arm/repeat
  2. Jab/Right Uppercut/Jab/Move/Cross
  3. KB Swings
  4. Jab/Cross/Cross/Left Hook
  5. KB two handed deadlift > two handed row ladder (1-5) (1 deadlift, 1 row, 2 deadlifts, 2 rows, etc)
  6. Jab/Cross/Jab/Right Hook
  7. Reverse lunges (same leg 1 minute, then switch) with a KB clean (hold 2 KBs at side, clean the one on the side of the lunge)
  8. Right Hook/Right Uppercut/Left Hook/Cross
  9. KB Goblet squat 1 minute, body weight squats next minute
  10. Cross/Left Hook/Cross/Jab Out
  11. Shadowboxing or kicks
  12. Jab/Cross/Left Hook/Right Uppercut/Sprawl