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Google Blog Search

Well, google has a new beta product out there: Google Blog Search. Yeah, most blogs are included in Google’s search index, but if you want to exclusively search for blog posts, you now have that option. Pretty slick.


My New Favorite Browser?

I spend a lot of time each day using a web browser (I have 4 browsers open now…Firefox, IE, Safari, and Camino). If I am not working out CSS bugs, I am looking something up using, or playing a Yahoo! game, or editting my blog, or just looking at my favorite sites. It is […]


Safari RSS

For a number of years (even before Mac OS 9) I have been accustomed to every morning going to my browser of choice, and loading up several web sites that I commonly go to: my webmail,, macdevcenter, macnn, macosxhints, php architect, taoofthemac, and cnn. In Mac OS 9, I used a nice AppleScript to […]

Hardware Software

Solaris and the SPARC

Yeah. Too many threats of “oh don’t worry, Windows XP will run great on your PC” came in, so I am going to go with finding some used Sun hardware. I have found a number of cool user Sun hardware web sites, but am taking some time to learn about the different models. Too bad […]


Mac OS X Firefox Themes

Sometimes I cannot work until I have the perfect desktop picture on my computer, other times, I fight with ugly application interfaces…and working with “gross” interfaces affects me. I am constantly scanning user interfaces, colors, layouts, etc with everything I look at. Cars, computers, street signs, etc. I also spend a great deal of time […]


Google Maps

Well, google has done it again, they have introduced an awesome all in one mapping solution with the introduction of google maps. You can map out trips, find businesses, move the map around, etc, in a very short amount of time. Sorry Safair users, it is not ready for you yet, but you can grab […]


Backup Strategies

All I ask from anyone who reads this today is to look at their backup strategy. I thought I had mine down. I have an original iMac with a big hardrive that serves as my backup server at my house. I have a .mac account with Apple, so I used (past tense) Backup for my […]