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Today was one of those “nothing is easy” days. One of my tasks today was to customize my company’s QuickBooks invoice template. As a UI person, I often need to customize pretty much everything I use in some way or another. I have to say, QuickBooks is not very friendly when it comes to making […]

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Big Update Weekend

The big talk in our wonderful city today was about the “Sears Tower terror plot” that did not happen, thank goodness. I am about two blocks away from the Sears Tower four days a week. In other news, XOOPS is going to release XOOPS version 2.0.14 on Monday which among several things, will bring LDAP […]


RSS Reader Recommendations?

I have officially outgrown Safari’s RSS feed reader. I subscribe to around 100 RSS feeds and I need something better than what I have. My short list of I would ideally like: Mark as read. I use roughly three to four different computers a day and looking through the same news items because Safari cannot […]



One of my tasks I am going to take care of this weekend is to populate my favorites, so if you are interested in what web sites, articles, etc I find interesting enough to bookmark, check out my favorites in the next few days. [tags][/tags]


Flock Rocks!

I downloaded Flock (web browser) a few months ago and used it on occasion, but never really spent any time with it…until last night. Since I blog daily, I thought it might be cool to check out some of blogging tools that are built into Flock. I really like the “drag stuff to blog it!” […]


Fluxiom: A Beautiful Digital Asset Manager.

Yesterday I happened to read an article on a new online digital asset manager called Fluxiom. (Using a reflection on a graphic will never get old for me.) I instantly was impressed by the UI (user interface) after reading the Vitamin review of Fluxiom and would recommend people taking a look at it as well. […]


Nagios Dependencies and Parents

Nagios 2.2 was released today so I decided to update my Nagios install at home which monitors my company’s server as well as Ken’s company server. I use Nagios, currently, to monitor ping, smtp, imap, pop, httpd, dns, and ftp. Just the basics. Once I get some free time, I am going to set up […]


Google Maps + Sopranos = Sopranos Maps

Fifteen months ago, when I knew I had to wait sixteen months to see the next season of Sopranos I was not sure I could wait…but with only a little over a week left before the first episode of season six, I am pumped. HBO has added Sopranos Maps to the Sopranos HBO web site […]


Nagios 2.0 Stable

Just after I got Nagios 1.2 up and running nicely (which it saved me the last few days with the server hardware failure) I get an email letting me know Nagios 2.0 stable has been released. I have been looking forward to Nagios 2.0 for awhile now, mostly because they simplified the conf files tremendously. […]

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Automate cPANEL Backups

For months I have been manually backing up my web sites. Last night, I learned my lesson and realized I needed to have something more dependable in place. (and I am pretty damn dependable). I finally took the time to research the process of automating a CPanel update. The script I found and used is […]


MySQL/phpMyAdmin Errors

Somethings, I just forget…again and again. Yeah, I need to go through the W3C School’s SQL tutorial and learn more about it and databases in general, but for now, here are some helpful tips for people like me that rely on MySQL, but often fall into the same novice traps/problems. I do not install MySQL […]