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Jappler Recommends: Skitch

My new consultant Ben yesterday was troubleshooting an issue with me and he sent me several links using a service called “Skitch“. I finally checked it out because I am constantly taking screenshots and low and behold – Skitch kicks ass. Check out this image I created in a matter of seconds for an example: […]


Google Voice

A few years ago – Doug pointed me to an interesting service called “Grand Central”. This service was supposed to take care of the issue of several phone number changes. By using Grand Central – you could use one number for life and forward calls from that number to your home, cell phone, or any […]


Jappler Recommends: LEGO Digital Designer

Thanks to a fellow Zelazny who commented on my recent LEGO post – I am going to spend my weekend creating my own LEGO set and you can too: Within moments, I created a LEGO man with an oxygen tank, and placed some bricks to get the feel for it. How cool is this? […]

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Clean Up that Photo Library!

In the past few days I have found it really hard to focus on work because my mind keeps drifting back to Triscuit. Because of this I have tried to do some things that I have been meaning to do but have not had time/want to do them. One of them: take a break and […]



There is a really cool web site out there that I stumbled across a few days ago: This really cool web site lets you look at events and places on a “neighborhood” level. You can see all crimes, photos, Craigslist listings, businesses, film locations, etc by entering in a zip code or by choosing […]


Beautiful Charts, Diagrams, and Maps

How many times are you going to use that nasty looking Excel chart to show your data? If you are like me and are tired of seeing ugly charts, diagrams, and maps, check out: amCharts. Hmm, another example where 1. I do not have to use Office to get a chart and 2. it is […]


Squirrelmail 1.5

I have been a long time SquirrelMail web mail user (Since 1998). I have always relied on it when I needed to check my email if I was away from home or the office. Last month, I decided to dump SquirrelMail for RoundCube Webmail I was sick of the SquirrelMail interface and tired of waiting […]


Google Gadgets

Nice work Google! Check out the latest cool thing: Google Gadgets. Coming soon to a Jen web site near you? For sure! For now check out these examples:



If you have TiVo, and any digitial video on your computer, you might be interested in something I recently read about: TiVoServer To make this more exciting, there are Mac versions! [tags]TiVo, TiVoServer[/tags]

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Meebo me.

I have been using meebo for some time now on and off and a few days ago I added a “Meebo Me” widget to my resume sidebar to test out and I have to say…it is very cool. I am considering adding the widget to my home page as well as to my blog page, […]