Disable iPhone Calls Ringing in Mac OS X Yosemite

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After upgrading one of the three computers in my office from Mac OS X 10.9 to Mac OS 10.10 (Yosemite) I thought to myself – wow – I like the option to answer my phone using my MacBook Pro. A few days later – when I had the other computers upgraded as well – any time I got a phone call – my office sounded like a call center (2 bluetooth cordless phones, 3 computers, and the actual iPhone itself were all ringing at the same time.


Thankfully – you can easily turn off this feature in the FaceTime app by simply unchecking one thing in the FaceTime preferences (see screenshot). So if you are like me – and do not need this or prefer to not use it – the fix is easy!

iTunes UI Changes…Driving Me Crazy (Fixed)

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Thanks to the HOWTO on the new version of iTunes – I can now once again go between the mini player and the full window size of iTunes once again! I was beginning to lose it…


New OS: Reminder to Clean Up

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If you use a Mac, it is that time again – time to update to the latest OS (this time called “Yosemite”). While most people get excited about new features, improved performance, etc – I get excited to do my annual cleaning. Before any major updates – I spend time deleting files and apps that just waste space (and you should too).


I go through and delete:

  • those photos that were blurry and just never trashed
  • apps I never use (and their preferences)
  • duplicate media files
  • outdated installers
  • downloads that I no longer use
  • old backups that I no longer need
  • email (you do not really need most of it)

By removing all your unwanted files on a regular basis – you will save room on your hardrive, backups, and not allow your stuff to become unmanageable. Like with everything else – keep it simple and focus on what counts the most.

* As usual, make sure you have a good backup before you delete anything

Jappler Recommends: RedmineCRM

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While recently upgrading Redmine via Bitnami I stumbled upon the coolest set of themes/plugins for Redmine since I started using it back in 2011: RedmineCRM. I instantly moved to using a customized version of their Circle theme and am going to install a few of their plugins to help workflow over the next few days.

If you use Redmine and have not looked at RedmineCRM – take a few minutes and check them out!

Best Taco Seasoning…Ever!

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Last year for my birthday – some friends bought me spices from: The Spice House. The seasoning was not like any other I had ever had – but I instantly thought “I want to eat this every day.” I love just about everything hot and spicy, but this taco seasoning – even though it was not hot at all – it was amazing (it is the cinnamon that makes it).

If you are looking for a gift for someone – check out The Spice House and especially the Taco seasoning.

Next up? I am going to try making their pickle recipe.

Zelazny Money Clip

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I grew up in a house where we used vice grips for just about everything. This is my latest use of my favorite tool.

HOWTO: Change Filenames to be Lowercase Using Bash

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I recently needed to convert all file names from something like this: IMG_3034.JPG to img_3034.jpg. I had a ton of these files and changing them manually was not something I wanted to do.

The solution was easy. I use Mac OS X – so in the terminal – I simply used:

for i in *; do mv "$i" "$(echo $i|tr A-Z a-z)"; done

That was it – all file names easily and quickly converted to using only lowercase letters. I hope this saves someone else time as well!

Busy Summer/Excuses

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I realize I have been MIA for awhile now. I have been busy the last few months with travel, moving, and trying to organize daily life and work. I decided to kick it up a notch (literally) by starting kickboxing at Lionize Training Center and have really enjoyed that. The move went well and we are finally in the house I hope to be in forever. Now that the dust has settled – I hope to post some more. I have a list of cool noted things that all deserve posts – so stay tuned!

Recent Visit to 9/11 Memorial

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I recently spent a few hours in the 9/11 Memorial in New York City. Even though I thought I had watched all the documentaries, saw all the pictures, and had a really good understanding/perspective on the whole events from that horrible day until today – I learned quite a bit. I also left with a better perspective and appreciation for everything that has happened since 9/11. Here are some of the photos:

Rick Bayless' Garden Tour

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Last night we went on the Rick Bayless’ Garden Tour and it was a fantastic experience. I have a garden in our backyard as well as just started a community garden at my son’s school this past spring and learned so much from the tour! The head gardener took us through the garden, talked about harvesting, grouping plants, composting, and what/how the restaurants use everything. If you have any interest in gardening – check out this tour!

Here are some photos from the tour last night: