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Happy Birthday iMac

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20 years ago – some of us took a chance on a translucent Bondi Blue new computer called the iMac. IT is hard to believe it was 20 years ago – but I have enjoyed watching it change shape. Thank you Apple! Read more


Green Circles On the Ground From the Plane?

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Recently while flying back to Chicago from San Francisco I noticed a number of green circles on the ground somewhere around Nevada. After doing a little research – I found they were circular fields that used an irrigation system that waters the field from a central point – going out (in a circle). It was a very interesting sight to see! Read more

Penn State

A Solid Fortune

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I recently found an old fortune which I have followed for many years. “Simplicity and clarity should be your theme in dress” Blue, black, grey, Penn State. Read more

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My Latest Favorite Song

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Tinlicker ยท Dream With Somebody (Extended Mix) Every once and awhile you find that one song you cannot seem to hear enough. For me – “Dream With Somebody” by Tinlicker is that song and has been on repeat in my house/car for the last 5 days straight. Check it out… Read more


20 Years of the iMac

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From the original to the latest – it is hard to believe the iMac has been out there for 20 years. I decided to retire my Mac Mini today after needing some faster processing power. Read more

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Awesome Shirts!

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A few weeks ago I was looking for some fun shirts for my son who loves Seinfeld. I stumbled across Famous in Real Life and ordered a few shirts. (Kraymerica and Little Jerry (photo) for Evan – as well as Mandlebaum Gym and The Jerk Store for me. Read more