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WordPress Wednesdays: The Power of Self Publishing

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Having a blog or CMS that uses something like WordPress is a great way to easily publish content and is very easy for people who have no understanding of HTML, images or design but this power comes with a double edged sword. On one hand, anyone can quickly upload images, video, and write text…even add some floating elements (picture on the left, picture on the right) without seeing any code. While this is great for most people, when something goes wrong (unclosed HTML tag) this can wreak all kinds of havoc on a site. I often get questions like “why... Read More » Read more

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WordPress Wednesdays: All Posts in a Parent Category

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The need to show all posts in a particular category or that category’s sub categories is very high. There are not too many projects out there that do not require a customized search, a menu, or a listing of some sort where the user wants to include all posts (or exclude) that belong to a parent category. Until recently – there was no real good way to do this. You either had to hard code category names or IDs in an array, or get really creative. I recently started using the following function mentioned in the WordPress Codex that made... Read More » Read more


CSS Tuesday: Overide Inline Style

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How many times have you worked with either someone else’s code or some crazy dynamically generated code that uses inline styles for everything which you need to change or override but cannot for some reason or another? I have seen this a lot with custom applications written by programmers who think they are doing designers some sort of favor. Something that I recently found that will allow you to override inline styles: Let’s override that because I think 20px is overkill and I only have access to the stylesheet: Of course that will override any paragraph tag that has an... Read More » Read more

Jappler Blog Format

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After four years of blogging – I think I finally am getting close to having a solid idea of what to write that would be both regular and interesting. I am going to make each day of the week specific to something that I find interesting. This will not only hopefully be more interesting for you – but will also allow me to really focus in on some topics, and get me to write more. Starting next week will begin featuring: Media Mondays (music, podcasts, movies, etc) CSS Tuesdays (CSS tricks, tips, resources,etc) WordPress Wednesdays (WordPress specific posts) Linkfest... Read More » Read more

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Completed: One Life Goal and One 2009 Goal

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Every Easter my family went to Myrtle Beach for a week to two weeks and we stayed in my mother’s cousin’s beach house. Alone, that was exciting, but what was mesmerizing was this thing called “cable”. Sure – cable was around when I was younger, but my parents thought channels 2-13 were enough for us. I would love going to Myrtle Beach and then watching this crazy comedian named Gallagher. Ever since I first saw his great Sledge-O-Matic – I decided I had to see him live…and I am finally going to next month. He is coming to the Chicagoland... Read More » Read more

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Dealing With Tech Support is Rarely Pleasant

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I should have known the second I had to spell out “help” to the tech support representative that this was going to be a rough call, but I tried to stay calm. It blows my mind that some companies put such incompetent people in a position to “help” (which they cannot even spell) people with little or no skills beyond reading a tree of “if this then that”. I have to say – if anyone would like advice on which web hosts to choose or stay away from – please let me know. I would be happy to give you... Read More » Read more


Jappler Recommends: jQuery

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If you ever wanted to do something cool (slideshow, lightbox, accordion, pagination, table sorting, drop down menus etc) – please do yourself a favor and look at jQuery and all the great jQuery plugins that are available. About a year or two ago I really liked some of the different javascript libraries (YUI, prototype, etc) but over the last several months 99% of all my projects have required some sort of functionality that made me look at and then use jQuery. Why jQuery? Unlike some of the other libraries, jQuery is very lightweight and does not suffer from a lot... Read More » Read more

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Side Projects

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Between normal day to day work, maintaining a house, spending time with the family and pets, exercise, relaxing, and enjoying life…there is not too much time for fun side projects these days. I have been trying to complete a few really cool things over the last few months without much luck…but I think March will be a big release month. I have some cool WordPress plugins, templates, and an interesting little project in the works – so assuming I can get some time…look out! Stay tuned… Read more