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Hosting Serenity Now!

Hosting – It Matters

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I work with web hosts all day long – five days a week. When someone asks me where they should host their files – I always rattle off 2-3 different options – depending on their needs. Read more

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How To Not Get Me to Update One of My Free WordPress Plugins

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This morning I arrived in my office to see an email with a request to make a change to one of my free WordPress plugins: SDAC Translate. I take requests and have made changes to pretty much all the plugins I have available as long as they are reasonable and would help/benefit other users as well. The person who emailed me started off by calling me a “bigot” because I used the US flag for English and the Portuguese flag for Portuguese (instead of also offering the UK and Brazilian flag as options). They then told me I should take... Read More » Read more

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Moving Everything to Amazon S3

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Over the weekend I decided to move all my media to Amazon S3 for the majority of my personal sites. I have been using Amazon S3 now for a few years with my backups and have made the transition from local media > Amazon S3 for multiple clients. Everyone has been happy and the load times/cost has proven itself. I run WordPress Multisite so things were a little more complicated when migrating the content – but I finally have everything in place. Plugins I used: Amazon S3 – Gives you the ability to upload all new media to Amazon. CDN... Read More » Read more

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Find JS Code Issues and Errors With JSLint

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Ever have a page not load properly in IE 7 but it loads fine – without error – with all other browsers? After you validate all your CSS/HTML and the error or funky behavior persists…and you have made sure your doctype is correct – what can you do? Validate your JS using JS Lint. What is JSLint? JSLint is a JavaScript program that looks for problems in JavaScript programs. It is a code quality tool. I just got done with some cross browser consulting (my favorite) – and one of the pages would not load properly in IE 7 due... Read More » Read more

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HOWTO: Target Firefox for Specific CSS

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Generally – the best way to handle CSS is to keep it simple, clean, and without any hacks. From now and again there are some times when I need to write CSS specific to IE (using conditional comments). I recently came across a site where I needed to target Firefox because of a width issue. This is the first time in my many years I ran into this – and tried a number of hopeful solutions but nothing worked. I then found that if I used: @-moz-document url-prefix(){} that that would work out and only Firefox would use the styles... Read More » Read more

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Asset Management with ResourceSpace

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This is a follow-up post to my post: Asset Management. I spent an exciting Friday night going through the config, learning the workflow, setting up accounts, and getting to know everything that ResourceSpace has to offer. After a few hours of playing around and applying various customizations (with ease) I am sold on using ResourceSpace for asset management. What I like about ResourceSpace: It has good documentation – both in the code as well as in a wiki It is easy to customize both in look and feel as well as configuring admin options It has been well thought out... Read More » Read more


WordPress Commercial Theme Now Available: Lucidity 2.0

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After a few long months of updates, tweaks, and new features, I am happy to announce Lucidity 2.0 is now available for purchase. You can see a demo of the theme by going to For those interested, is simply a child theme of Lucidity 2.0 and contains around 75 lines of CSS, and 2 modified template files. This is a great theme for developers and users alike. Read more Web Development New Theme Using Lucidity 2.0

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My company SDAC Inc. is preparing to release the next version of the commercial Lucidity WordPress theme. I decided that since I am selling a theme – it had to be something that I could easily use, and customize without making major changes or changing much code. With this in mind – I added a number of new features, redid a lot of the admin interface, and added in some of the great new functionality that comes along with WordPress 3.0+. The theme that you see here is actually a child theme of Lucidity. I customized one theme template, added... Read More » Read more

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When Designing – Use Real Content

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There are many lessons to learn out there as a designer, and please let this be at the top of your list: when designing something – whether it be a business card, a brochure, or a web site – use real content. Lately – when doing any design work for a client – we always make sure they provide us with actual content so they can see their content in a working design. Often clients will see another site they like – want you to use similar ideas – but in actuality – their content is completely different or would... Read More » Read more

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WordPress Themes Over the Years…A Look Back and Then into the Future

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After working with WordPress for over five years now, I have seen a lot of changes both front-end and backend – both for developers and for users. I work for the most part on WordPress themes for a few hours a day and have been doing so for the last 3+ years full time. As I wrap up the final changes for my company’s commercial WordPress theme Lucidity – I wanted to take a few minutes and point out some of the changes over the years and also talk about where I think themes are going. I remember back in... Read More » Read more