Random and Opinionated Thoughts

by: Jennifer Zelazny


Brown With Black and Black With Navy

For all those people out there that find it acceptable to wear brown shoes with a black outift, or black shoes with a navy outift please do yourself a favor and stop the insanity! We should really have informercials on major fau pauxs (yeah maybe I cannot spell, but I know what shoes to wear […]


The Engineer Returns

Well…if you go back about a week in the postings personalities you will meet the “engineer” of the group…and well, he returned yesterday as we were moving the nasty, wet, stinky sandbags from my house to the road. As we were moving the sandbags on dollies and wagons, the engineer approached and asked if we […]


Favorite Tech Web Sites

Each day I load up the same tech web sites in my browser’s tabs and I thought I would share them with everyone: http://www.versiontracker.com http://www.macdevcenter.com http://www.macnn.com http://www.macosxhints.com http://the.taoofmac.com/space http://www.macintouch.com http://www.php-mag.net http://www.phparch.com http://www.php.resourceindex.com http://www.afp548.com


Need a Date? Get a Dog!

About three months ago, my girlfriend and I adopted a retired greyhound. She is absolutely wonderful (the dog 😉 ) and we are very happy we adopted her. There were plenty of things we did not expect since this was our first dog, such as her love for hotdogs and the fact that she sleeps […]


Hiding From Google With robots.txt

Over the years I have become more paranoid over who sees what on my web sites, and I have learned that one of the most important steps in creating/posting a web site on the web is the robots.txt file that goes with the site and the meta tags for each page. I will not go […]


Wire and Paper the New Cat Toys!

Well…having two cats, one who eats paper and the other who prefers wire, I have given up on buying them cat toys. (well, I still do, but the dog plays with them…but that is another story.) I just wanted to share my frustration…it is 4am and I am enjoying the last hour or so of […]



Well, after spending the last few days sandbagging and preparing for a record breaking flood, I learned quite a bit. First and foremost..how to properly sandbag a soon to be flooded area. Second, there are a lot of weird personalities in my community. We had the “shovenist male”: “I do not mean to be a […]


River Crests

Well, growing up in a non-flooding (in my lifetime) region, the idea of a river cresting is somewhat like any physics theory for me…very hard to grasp. So as I sit here in my midwestestern suburb, near a flooding river (record flood)…I am forced to wait for this river crest thing to happen in two […]


Chicago and Hot Dog Stands

I often find myself watching Chicago specials on our local PBS station. The several “Exploring Chicago by the EL” and other Chicago based programs can often be found on my TV late at night or when I cannot find anything else on. I found myself watching a new Chicago show last week that claimed that […]


Chicago Metra Riders In the Summer

Well, it is getting to be that time of the year when kids are out of school and the wonderful stay at home mothers, teachers, and vacationers, as wonderful as they are, decide to bring little Johnny, Judy, and their two strollers downtown to enjoy the city of Chicago. For all of us regular commuters, […]


Emailing Pictures

First it is called a server. Second it is called “take five minutes to proportionally decrease the size of your picture”. How many times can that one person who got a digital camera last year for Christmas have to clog my email account with billboard sized pictures of whatever they decided to take a picture […]

Apache Web Development

Apache Support

After spending the weekend with my parents, proud new owners of a G4 14″ iBook, I realized why I get paid the big bucks for administering computers/servers. The biggest contribution to my wealth: I read manuals. I also frequent application specific support web sites, and I sign up for listervs. I have been working with […]