New Paint, Old Color

It is funny how you sometimes seem to always return to the same color. I recently decided to repaint my office (the only room we did not repaint after buying the house) from a boring beige to something a bit richer that would of course look nice with my desk and most importantly – my Apple equipment. I wanted something that would really give some life to the room as well as make the brushed metal of my 23″ Apple display really stand out. I combed through a number of paint samples and came out with a can of paint that I later realized was extremely close to the background color…with a tad of mixed in….which is extremely close to the desktop image I have been using on my main computer for a few years. All in all, I really like blue!

Jappler Recommends: Liquid Web

It has almost been two years since I moved all my sites to Liquid Web for my hosting needs and am still very happy with them. If you take a look at my hosting category, you can see I have been around the block a few times. I have had a few issues, BUT, everyone who I have spoken with is very knowledgeable, helpful, and always been on top of the issue. If you are interested in a new web host, I highly recommend Liquid Web.

feedburner services: free!

A big thanks to Demitrious for sending a link that made my 4th of July: Feedburner Free for Everyone. I have been using Feedburner for quite a long time now and have had some clients using their pay service which I was almost considering – now I do not as it is available for free. Now I can have “control” of my feed once again while still using Feedburner to manage my feed. 14.7 update: a tune up.

Over the past few months I have been busy working on client web sites and have neglected I have been using WordPress for a few years now with this site and had a number of plugins, CSS styles, and other items that needed to be pruned while I wanted to spruce up and clean up some other layout items.
Summary of the tune up:

  • Went through all my plugins and disabled and removed anything that could be replaced with a template tag
  • Removed all old and un-used CSS styles
  • Removed CSS code that I could do better or that was not needed
  • Re-validated my code
  • Added the rounded corner/drop shadow boxes around my content
  • Re-arranged my post meta information (author, date, tagged, comments, etc)
  • Began organizing my categories better
  • Removed any duplicative code and either used a WordPress function or an includes file to handle the content/code (links, search, etc)
  • Created a WordPress 404 page with my old 404 standby
  • Went through my pages and cleaned up the text and updated any outdated information
  • Re-organized my sidebars and their content
  • Removed any un-used images

Every once and awhile it is good to clean up your sites so they do not become overly bloated. Don’t know where to start – check out the list above 😉

yahoo! pipes.

I finally sat down and looked seriously at Yahoo! Pipes to try and figure out how or if it could be useful to me and my clients. I wanted to make something useful so I decided that it would be nice to have a “master Jen feed” which would include the RSS feed from this site, my company’s web site, as well as from my son’s web site. Within five minutes, the master feed was created and in my RSS feeder. While this might not be the most advanced thing Yahoo! Pipes can do, I am definitely considering grouping a number of my RSS feeds together and making more “master feeds”.

For anyone who is interested: Jen’s master feed. If you are not using RSS yet – please…it is 2007, even MS IE 7 supports RSS. Time to get on the bandwagon! revisions.

I have spent the last few weeks about making more of a resource. I have spent a lot of time over the years posting about UNIX commands, web development HOWTOs, etc and would like to make that content easier to find. You will notice that I have already changed the navigation items and plan to re-design how I present content on this web site. I hope, that sometime in May, I will have a web site that will be much more resourceful to everyone. I will also document how I used WordPress to do it.

giving wp-cache a try.

I have been going back and forth for awhile about whether to cache or not to cache, and I decided to finally try it with this site. I have heard many good things about the WP-Cache plugin and got it installed today. If you notice a difference in load times over the course of the next few days/weeks, please let me know.

web developer plugin: display ruler.

Fun with Web Developer Extension

When I recently updated my browser, Firefox, to the latest release and noticed that some of my extensions also needed to be updated. I do not use many extensions, but I absolutely love and rely on the Web Developer Extension. I had not gone through all the drop down menus in awhile within the Web Developer Toolbar, so today I thought I would just look around a bit more…and I am glad I did because I found another awesome tool for web development: the ruler. (This feature was added in a previous version, it is just new to me.) If you like a certain web site or want to take measurements of a particular page element, you can measure it quickly and easily by clicking on the “Miscellanous” menu and then by choosing “Display Ruler”. You can then either enter in dimensions, or expand the ruler yourself to measure something. This is wonderful!