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Is it really random or is there a pattern here?


Busy Summer/Excuses

I realize I have been MIA for awhile now. I have been busy the last few months with travel, moving, and trying to organize daily life and work. I decided to kick it up a notch (literally) by starting kickboxing at Lionize Training Center and have really enjoyed that. The move went well and we […]


New Favorite Pizza Recipe

I love pizza, tomatillos, goat cheese, and bacon. This recipe has all – and it is absolutely fantastic. Looking for an awesome new pizza recipe that you will love? One bite in and I already had it in my mind this would be the next recipe my friends/family would expect me/want me to have at […]


Best Marinade: Liquid Gold

I love Mexican and in the past few year I have spent most weekends using the slow cooker, grill, or oven to roast something that fills our house with some amazing aroma thanks to Rick Bayless. One of my favorites though is something I found by watching one of his TV show episodes (Mexico – […]


Who Killed JFK – Lose Your Own Adventure Book

When I was a kid – my favorite books were the “Choose Your Own Adventure” books. I still remember spending hours reading them, ending up in different scenarios, and never getting to the outcome I wanted in my favorite Indiana Jones book. While looking at to see if there were any new demotvational posters […]

HOWTOs Random

HOWTO: Report Spam for iCloud Users

Recently I started getting some Russian (lovely) spam that just kept on coming. I got so tired of it – I decided to take a minute to see how I could properly report this as spam without getting a ton of other similar messages. Turns out – if you are an iCloud user – […]


Endurance and Change

Over the past year or so I have greatly cut down on my posting to my web site. I think most bloggers at one point or another get to a point of either frustration, being overwhelmed, and just give up. I have had a lot of time to think – and have decided that it […]


New Shoes

I have been running more and more over the last few months and literally ran until the bottom of my last pair of Nikes. This time I decided to custom design my sneakers on All the colors, down to the swoosh were custom selected – and I even put my name on the shoe’s […]


One of the Best Finds in 2012

I never would have thought about touching this stuff until this past fall when everyone I was with at a party was appalled that I had never tried it. One bite and I was instantly transformed into a fan. If you are ever in Chicago and get an Italian beef sandwich – make sure to […]


Super C

Still love this game…and so does my son. Beating it is still as intense as it was over 20 years ago.