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Is it really random or is there a pattern here?


New James Bond Trailer (Nice Land Rover Action)

There are few movies that get me more pumped than the James Bond movies. This upcoming movie looks like it will be great as well – especially with the sweet Land Rover Defender in there. I am excited to see it in the theaters!


Great Customer Service: L.L. Bean

I am a big fan of L.L. Bean and have been for several years now. If I am not wearing something from Penn State – I am most likely wearing something from L.L. Bean. Last year I bought Evan a book bag from L.L. Bean and ever since we have been fighting with the zipper […]


Perspective: A Flight Through the Universe

I once had a dream that was very similar to this video. It was one of my most vivid dreams ever! While it is impossible to understand how big things really are – it does help put some of the smaller issues in perspective.