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CSS Tips and HOWTOs From W3C

I have been very busy working on CSS for a big up and coming web site and I have spent the last few nights doing some research on best practices and came across a W3C site I used when I first started coding with CSS that is very useful. There are a number of tips […]

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Keep It Simple!

I am currently working on a big project which includes wrangling over 12k lines of CSS. Tonight it took me an hour to create a very simple form when it would normally take me 5 minutes. Why? Overcomplicated CSS. At this point I am using so many default values (like vertical-align: baseline; and float:none;) that […]

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CSS and z-index.

I have been busy working on an excited project that uses some pretty complicated layouts. I was originally hired to optimize and clean up the XHTML/CSS so it would work in IE 6, IE 7, Safari, and Firefox, but now am busy working on producing the clean XHTML/CSS from the start. I needed to brush […]


cool findings.

In the past few days I feel like I have been bookmarking and tagging URLS left and right. If you are bored, or interested in looking at some really cool/crazy stuff, take a few minutes and check out the items below. Transparency with IE 6! Keyword shortcuts from OpenDNS (thanks Doug) The secret Wildfire horseradish […]

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cross check your css.

If you do not have a lot of time or experience with CSS, here are some quick ways to save yourself headaches down the road. If you have read my blog before, this is nothing new, but I cannot stress these points enough. Validate your code. By simply validating your code, you can learn a […]

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Internet Explorer Pickiness With CSS

For a browser that is hardly standards compliant, Internet Explorer still infuriates me and acts as my arch enemy when debugging CSS. How about an example? This code works in Safari, FireFox, Opera but not IE: .heading { background: url(“images/heading-bg.gif”)repeat-x; color:#fff; font-size:1em; margin:5px 0 5px 5px; border:1px solid #292929; padding-left:3px; line-height:21px; } The result: The […]

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Dropdown CSS/Javascript Menus

If you ever need to implement drop down menus and want to use clean CSS/javascript code, check out: Son of Suckerfish Dropdown menus. I have implemented these on a few web sites now for my clients and have been very happy with the results. If you are using WordPress, you can also use to dynamically […]