LBJ Quotes for the Weekend

During college, I by chance, picked up a biography of Lyndon Baines Johnson and ended up reading in and many others in between games of Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

By the end of the summer, I had a new and profound understanding of one of our greatest presidents of all time. After a hard week, I like to go back and find a quote or two to pick me up or remind me of someone who went through a lot more hard times than I hope to ever see.

This week, these quotes seemed to work:

Any jackass can kick down a barn but it takes a good carpenter to build one. – LBJ

Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose. -LBJ

Have a great weekend!

on the gay marriage amendment.

I have had enough. The jokes, the comments, the bashing, and now the proposed marriage amendment? I do not understand the big deal…and I am tired of the christian right constantly trying to tell me how to live. Bush wants to “preserve marriage”, but he and his christian right friends do not get it…so let me put it in terms they might all understand: we want the right to divorce. Does that help W? Do you now understand? All the straight people have the opportunity to marry, screw up their marriage, screw up their kids, and then divorce. How is that fair? So please, do not talk to me about “preserving marriage” when half of these sacred unions end up in divorce.

From the White House press release:
“America is a free society, which limits the role of government in the lives of our citizens. This commitment of freedom, however, does not require the redefinition of one of our most basic social institutions. Our government should respect every person, and protect the institution of marriage. There is no contradiction between these responsibilities. We should also conduct this difficult debate in a manner worthy of our country, without bitterness or anger.”

Respect every person? How are you doing that Bush? You treat terrorists and their families better than gay people in your own country. Thanks for never taking any interest in constitutional law or even having a basic understanding of what this country was founded on. Church is not state. State is not church. Learn to separate it. The Constitution guarantees rights, not takes them away. Let’s try that again…the Constitution guarantees rights, not takes them away. What, if you were president in the 1960s, we would have an anti-African American amendment? Or perhaps if you were president in the 1920s, we would have an anti-women voter amendment, you know to keep the sanctity of voting in place. Whatever. Keep sending your Bush 2004 volunteers to help Nader. Create some smoke screen. Have daddie’s big wigs help you win office. Keep the US people in suspense with all the terror alerts. Just know that you, your policies, and your life are transparent to those who take a few minutes to see you for who you really are. A name with only big money behind it. Have some respect for our country and what we stand for.

operation: republican in office

I bet all Americans (well all Americans that do not want to see the same fiasco as “Operation Brother Jeb: 2000”) feel relieved to hear we now have a plan to hold elections, even if under attack, during the upcoming November election. Perhaps we were fooled by Operation Brother Jeb: 2000 in the 2000 election, but I bet you Bush and friends would love to get in office again with another shenanigan like “Operation No One Changes Presidents During War Times, So Bring it on Right Before the Elections.” A “conflict” or an “attack” right before the elections would likely make it possible for a recount, miscount, hero status, or anything else that Bush’s friends could do to get W in office again, so what will it be this time? Perhaps Bin Laden will be “captured” a week before the elections, what are the chances? Hmm…