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Serenity Now!

My US Flag Was Made In China

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I like to support the Illinois VFW and so this time around – for my donation they gave me a new US flag and flagpole kit. I was quite excited as I have been meaning to get one for awhile now. When I opened up the kit – I was pretty shocked to see that everything was made in China. It is very sad to me that the VFW could not find a US flag maker or perhaps is even more sad that there are not and flag makers here in the US. While I am still happy to give... Read More » Read more

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US Inauguration Traditions

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Yesterday for the first time I actually got the chance (or remember) to see a lot of the activities prior to the actual presidential inauguration. As someone that absolutely loves history – yesterday was so magical for so many reasons. First of all – to see over 2 million people peacefully (no arrests) come together to share this moment was amazing. It really shows you that we are an incredible and good hearted people. There were so many stories of strangers becoming friends and enjoying the company of the person to the left or right of them. Second of all... Read More » Read more