Random and Opinionated Thoughts

by: Jennifer Zelazny


what are the chances?

Well. Early Monday morning is not my favorite. Rushing to get ready, rushing to get to the train, fighting with the crazies…(see posts on Metra)…anyway, let us not forget on top of all of this, I have the luck of Larry David. So I make it to the train, but no seat, so I sat […]


jappler.com: coming soon

Well, I finally took the plunge and bought my own domain name. So what is jappler? Back in 1998, I needed a character name for Diablo so I came up with Sir Japple (J for my first name initial, apple, for my beloved hardware/software company. Then in 1999, Quake 3 Arena came out and the […]

Web Development

time to regroup, redesign.

Well, it is that time in the design cycle to archive my current web site, and move to a new design. I will be working on it this weekend to hopefully finish it up. Once I have it completed, I will be moving this web site to a new url, I will keep a redirect […]


GarageBand Revisited

After showing my mother that she could be a Motown musician by using Apple’s GarageBand on her iBook two weeks ago I thought I should take another look at Apple’s cool software too. I have to say, out of the box, GarageBand is very fun and you can really make some cool music, even without […]

Apple Hints

iCal tips and tricks.

If there is one application Apple has released in the last few years that I should be using more, it is iCal. There are lots of little tricks and cool stuff you can do with iCal…like my favorite: In a terminal window type: cat /usr/share/calendar/calendar.history | grep McDonald and look at the goodies. Yes, I […]


Umbrella Carrying/Using in Chicago

Ok, so what is the deal with the golf umbrellas downtown? Does one person really need the gigantic umbrella all for themselves? On my way home last night in the pouring rain I was reminded of how much I hate rain in Chicago. First, we have to deal with all the wind, and if you […]

Apple UNIX

those crazy Mac OS X/Mac OS X Server error messages!

If you did not notice, I have a thing for wierd and often funny Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server error messages. I periodically update the image on the right hand side that is a screen shot of an error I have received. Keep looking for new and exciting errors. PS. The “You […]


On Retiring “The Machine”

Today marks a sad day. My faithful Apple Blue and White G3 350 is moving off the desk and in to the display. I have had it on my desk since early 1999. I ordered it on January 6th, 1999 after seeing the keynote at Penn State. I was so impressed with this computer when […]



Perhaps people do not realize how important voting really is, perhaps people do not fully understand the President’s duties. Something to consider.

Serenity Now!

my newest sport: the daily commute.

In high school, I played basketball, volleyball, was on the golf team, on the track team and played some serious back yard football. I was very athletic. I miss playing all the sports I did when I was younger, but I have to say I am still using things I learned from all of the […]