Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-11

  • Say hello to my first commercial WordPress themes: Lucidity ( and Lucidity Catalog: #
  • Looking forward to a night of just relaxing/fishing and not working! #
  • Ahh…Top Chef Masters #
  • Another beautiful morning. Perfect temp, sun is out…and I am in the office! #
  • Nothing says summer like Julie Chen! #
  • Working with someone else's CSS is never fun – but some simple organization helps and works wonders. Consistency/Simplicity will always win #
  • Yay – I won free Chipotle for me and 10 people! #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-04

  • @htoddcarter I did not realize Catholics had VBS too! in reply to htoddcarter #
  • Man – what a week: Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson, and Billy Mays. Wow… #
  • thank goodness for rain – I cannot seem to remember to water my plants. Perhaps I just need a better routine? #
  • @torianddean bra #
  • Oh well – no luck at winning the book for @torianddean. Still – it was a blast to try and win – great idea! #
  • What a week – looking forward to the parades and BBQs #
  • Crazy long day…but it ended well…watched some old MJ videos that I remembered as a kid. #
  • Getting ready to finally release my first WordPress theme…only a few more steps 😉 #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-27

  • Live each day the Gummi way – Gummi Bears sign from episode. Perfect! #
  • @amymmuller Hopefully you will learn something cool to share! in reply to amymmuller #
  • I have seen it all…a police mini van…with a woman driver…talking on her cell phone. Wow! #
  • Is it too much to ask for the mailman to actually take mail from my mailbox instead of shoving in incoming mail? Apparently so… #
  • We all make choices…time to start realizing your choices have consequences. #
  • Getting ready for a big server migration. Let's hope all goes smoothly! #
  • @KellyColligan hey – I am actually going to meet up with some of my old managers for lunch. How does the rest of the afternoon look? in reply to KellyColligan #
  • I was thinking this morning about the concept of choices – and I came up with – you can easily choose to hate, but can you choose to love? #
  • Michael Jackson dead? Wow! #
  • Battling with project deadlines…yuck and on a Friday! #
  • @KellyColligan Hey – I cannot get down to the city today – what are your plans tomorrow? in reply to KellyColligan #
  • @amazingamanda congrats! #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-20

  • O'Hare calls… #
  • You just can't go wring with Whole Foods burgers #
  • Another beautiful day here – about to take E for some "art in the park" time. #
  • Conference call central over here, I wonder when I can take an actual summer vacation? #
  • @htoddcarter I thought you did not have TV/internet access? in reply to htoddcarter #
  • Finally got around to customizing my background and colors to match my web site Feels more like home. #
  • (Switched my twitter name from superjank to "thejappler" since Jappler was already taken…and I wanted a more cohesive online presence. #
  • @amazingamanda big turkey leg (on a stick) in reply to amazingamanda #
  • Did I really see a commercial last night for a FDA approved product (with crazy side effects) for making eyelashes thicker? Wow! #
  • Getting ready for a busy day! If you need a mindless activity for the day – give a try. #
  • @1tb that is great! Gotta love pets and their behaviors 😉 in reply to 1tb #
  • Not too many things make me as happy as a painless import of data. #
  • Working on yet another bbPress theme. Time to release one of my own! #
  • What is it with find and replace that is tripping everyone up? Find x, replace with y. Text editors are your friends… #
  • "unattended children will be given expresso and a free puppy" – sign #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-13

  • Last day of school – look out – the ice cream truck will be running non-stop and so will that tune it plays in my head. Great #
  • Check out my latest pet project: Marry Bop Dump Still a work in progress – but finally in beta. #
  • @crystalchappell – Thanks for making GL something I look forward to every day again! Keep up the great work!! #
  • Startups are hard – but not starting anything is harder. #
  • Anyone have any good advice on cutting shrubs? I grew up with plans to trim mine like Disney – but I cannot seem to make a rounded edge #
  • Seriously – can we band together and stop companies from using that hideously bullet proof plastic for our electronic cables, toys, etc? #
  • Finally have the right setup so I can watch 90% of TV not using cable. If only sporting events would be available online… #
  • Man – some days are better than others. @htoddcarter – let me know what games you are interested in – I have a stack just sitting around #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-06

  • Just saw Terminator Salvation – it was much better than expected #
  • Somehow I do not think so (Volvo s80) #
  • @KYellowFarm I definitely think 5x instead of 30 is better. Quality over quantity not to mention the ability to focus… in reply to KYellowFarm #
  • Keep it simple. #
  • (or simply keep it) – my new motto. #
  • I am not sure, but I think IL has the highest number of custom license plates. Is it worth the extra $$? #
  • Finally getting some good mobile UI experience #
  • Doing some great design work – upcoming projects look very promising! #
  • @amazingamanda – I do think they should win – they have a lot of loyal viewers and have put together an entertaining show for most to enjoy. #
  • Priceless: #
  • It is a beautiful day…we will start there. #
  • Well – at least the weekend is about to start – off to Taste of Des Plaines (City of Destiny – and home of McD)! #
  • @amazingamanda thanks for the opportunity to share! in reply to amazingamanda #
  • Got my piece of Des Plaines history #

Linkfest Thursdays: June 4, 2009

There is only one link today – and that is to the video The Controverse 44. I have been watching Amanda Congdon for a few years now and finally decided to chime in on a question about the show “Jon and Kate Plus 8″…and she actually read my comment during the show (Twitter: superjank) Rock on!

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-05-30

  • Getting back into the daily grind after a weekend of working a backhoe, pouring cement, and learning about running electricity #
  • Just finished updating my portfolio…now to try to finish a few more projects #
  • Not looking forward to an all nighter… #
  • @MisstressB When will this be available in the US? I look forward to it! in reply to MisstressB #
  • The widgets admin in WordPress 2.8 is so much nicer to use…thanks! #
  • The "hurry/wait" cycle and the "this is going to be the best new thing" syndrome is getting really REALLY old #
  • @crystalchappell thanks for keeping everyone in the loop! It is nice to hear about everything/everyone! #
  • Hmm, is 2.5 too young to have a goldfish? #
  • Crossing my fingers… #
  • @dennisruyer looking forward to it! No more excuses for not having great music all the time! in reply to dennisruyer #

Yeah, I am on Twitter

I am on Twitter. I resisted for a long time due to not quite wanting to commit to it, the technical issues, but after using Facebook and really enjoying the status update feature the most…why not move over to using Twitter and then I would still be able to give updates but not have to deal with a lot of the things I really dislike about Facebook (lame polls, who are you in x, etc).

Since the name Jappler was taken – I went with my newest domain name purchase (functionality soon to be determined: superjank. What is jank? Jank is one of my favorite terms from my SoCom days. The official urban dictionary definition:

adj- broken; unnecessarily redundant, superfluous, or meaningless; stupid or ridiculously moronic; bootleg or of questionable quality

Use of the word:

Man, twitter would not let me choose my own picture for the profile because of technical issues. That is super jank.

Check me out @superjank (