Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-29

  • What is up with the high school dreams? Both A and I had them over the last few days. #
  • Finally seeing Phantom Menace again…I have not seen it since it was in the theatre! #
  • A late night, but I am looking forward to ending it with an old episode of Lost! #
  • Want something interesting to ponder about during lunch today?
    (thanks Ken) #
  • My first WP + Windows install…fingers crossed. #
  • Giving a try… #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-22

  • Mondays: Conference call, conference call, meeting, call about a meeting, conference call 😉 #
  • Sometimes it is best to do the exact opposite of what clients want – because that is exactly what they want! #
  • Ahh, remember the days when having 100 items in your trash (computer) was a lot? I just trashed over 7,000 items. #
  • the differencebetween the soux chef andthe master chef isn't in knowingwhich ingredients to include ina dish,but which ingredients not to-DK #
  • Nothing like a server emergency to start off the morning! #
  • Ahh…yardhouse after a particulary long week. Very nice! #
  • Just got back from seeing Second City, very cool! #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-15

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-08

  • Finally back from the long trip to NY. Saw lots of cool things, people, but am excited to be back in IL. #
  • Lou Malnotis ( has wings now – and as expected..they are great!! #
  • Why are some people just shady? Seriously – don't wonder why people do not trust you! #
  • @crystalchappell Happy belated birthday! in reply to crystalchappell #
  • Crazy…on the entire trip to NY from IL – we did not see another Land Rover. It was quite lonely…yet refreshing. #
  • Wow – GL's final episode was taped today…wow #
  • Today: traffic, meeting, insanity, 4 conf calls, traffic, missed class due to traffic, beer 🙂 #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-25

  • @meese congrats! How exciting!! in reply to meese #
  • WordPress Theme: Lucidity 1.1 is now out with even more easy to use admin options (color picker, etc). Check it out: #
  • Debugging IE 6. Hopefully 2010 will bring IE 6 usage so low it will no longer be an issue! #
  • @eakcik Wow – a blast from the past. I loved her story line! I have really enjoyed seeing more of you on GL lately. You will be missed! in reply to eakcik #
  • @amazingamanda too bad you could not cover this in NYC tomorrow: in reply to amazingamanda #
  • @amazingamanda Yeah – can you imagine just happening to find that? I am super psyched to see some video from that. in reply to amazingamanda #
  • Embrace folders for organization. Over 3K files in one folder is a bit overwhelming… #
  • Is today the day I can finally get caught up? #
  • @htoddcarter Why do you have to delete them? in reply to htoddcarter #
  • When will people learn? Garbage in = garbage out #
  • Here is a gentle reminder to backup your precious photos, music, documents, etc. 😉 Seriously – take an hour and do it! #
  • Ahh, Friday night, my favorite night, is almost here! Have a great weekend everyone! #
  • At the Cubs game #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-18

  • IE 6 + Flash + weird JS = nightmare. #
  • Just saw Public Enemies…amazing #
  • I hate greeting cards, but would totally buy this if it was one: #
  • Check out the sweet new Topspin site: (one of my latest site releases). Go WordPress! #
  • Whoops – obviously not enough caffeine today: #
  • One of my potentially new clients sent me their latest album which I really enjoyed: Check them out! #
  • Hard to believe Dance Department (Radio 538) is at episode 200 – just seems like yesterday I was listening to episode 100 (weekly podcast) #
  • Awesome: Michael Jackson vs Super Mario Bros. Levels #
  • Do you think incompetent people would read these directions…on. Beach ball… #