back playing socom ii.

It has been at least a year – probably 2 since I stopped playing SoCom II but a few weeks Doug started playing again and got me interested again. I have to say, playing it on my new TV which is almost twice the size of my old TV is definitely nice. It is equally nice that the same old grumpy men and wannabe 12 year olds are still there to make it interesting. I forgot how much I missed listening to these 2 types of people argue – it is really pretty fun – especially when you have a headset and can add in comments. The online gaming community is an interesting one and I am glad I am back!

almost there.

Well, new designs, new learning experiences. I have lots to share later about CSS and about WordPress layout, but I need a break. I still need to get my main menu from the rest of the site into the blog layout, and figure out why my top menu item is not lining but, but the end is near. I have some Mozilla/Firefox issues to deal with, but they are minor.
More later. Time to go home and play SoCom II.
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Wire and Paper the New Cat Toys!

Well…having two cats, one who eats paper and the other who prefers wire, I have given up on buying them cat toys. (well, I still do, but the dog plays with them…but that is another story.) I just wanted to share my frustration…it is 4am and I am enjoying the last hour or so of sleep before I have to get up for work but then I hear a crunch, a rip, and a tear. The oldest cat has decided to get attention by eating my bills, magazines, or bookcovers. The youngest cat is sleeping still and looking very cute to my right, but her time will come. Now fast forward to 430pm when I am playing SoCom II with my old clan members. I push the talk button and within a second, Salsa has gone Matrix-slow-motion on me and has bitten through my headset…my second headset. This is headset number two that she has bitten through. The first…ok, I can take that. I let her sit by the wire one day. This time…it was obvious she had been taking notes during the Matrix. PS, she bit through a mouse last week. What is the deal? What happened to playing with little cute soft toys?