Design in James Bond Movies

Check out this great 5 minute video about designing sets, fantastic items, and paying attention to detail in the James Bond films (one of my favorite series).

James Bond: Casino "Ford/Sony, No Women in the Beginning" Royale

I finally got out and saw the latest James Bond movie “Casino Royale” and was pretty happy about it, but I had to cover my eyes early on in the film when James Bond was shown driving a Ford. Yes, I am painfully aware Ford owns Jaguar, LandRover, Volvo, and Aston Martin (Bond’s classic car make), but I also know that James Bond – pre this film – would EVER drive a Ford make…and it was a little hard to take. The product placement was also a little hard to take. Ninety-five percent of the cars in the movie (parking lot, roads, air ports, etc) were the “Ford brands”. Volvo next to a Range Rover, next to a Lincoln, next to a Jaguar, next to a Volvo…it was ridiculous. Sony was all over the place too…camera, all the phones, computers, etc. I have to wonder how much Ford and Sony paid for that insane product placement. Yeah, I noticed. I also noticed the lack of women in the beginning of the James Bond movie…during the intro…that has to be a first too!
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work again.

I do not take many days off from work (hours for that matter), but I decided to take off this past Thanksgiving/weekend…and I really enjoyed it. With family in town, I took a drive down into the city to see our glorious city with all it’s Christmas decorations and late night shoppers on Saturday. Yesterday I spent some time in the Hancock Center and driving around our city by day to show a newcomer all the sites. Usually at this time I watch the James Bond marathon non-stop, but was very disappointed with Spike TV’s showing of the movies this year. There were gaps between the movies (CSI, etc) which made for a less enjoyable viewing. Oh well…at least Notre Dame lost. Anyway, back to work!