Long Days…

Me too...

Me too...

Man – these past few weeks have been insane. I literally have been working non-stop and feel like I cannot quite get to a good stopping point. I will say that I have been busy with three particular projects that I was just not really excited about but after a long day and getting 2 of the 3 out the door – I am glad I made good headway today and I actually ended up enjoying both projects (which is how it usually goes). As long as I continue to learn – then everything is going pretty good! Let’s hope for a relaxing weekend!

Where Have I Been?

In the last two weeks, I have been crazy busy and…:

  • In New York
  • On conference calls
  • On more conference calls
  • Playing Mario Cart
  • Not blogging

I will try to post some more and finally post an updated Jappler menus post.

I Apologize for the Light Posting…

I have been extremely busy with two particular projects in the last few weeks. One – a major site optimization and the other – a custom bbPress solution which has had me reading through the functions at all hours of the day to figure out exactly what is available to me and then how to implement it. I first started using bbPress at version 0.7 (same version as I started playing around with WordPress) and even though bbPress has matured to 0.9.x – the documentation is scarce so simple things I am used to accomplishing with WordPress (mainly custom queries) has been a challenge. I am almost done with the bbPress project which I will highlight as soon as it is up and ready to go. Overall – I have been really busy, but I have been working on great projects and have a lot of future posts planned out that will discuss some of what I learned.

Swamped, But Big Things to Come

I apologize for not blogging as much as I would like over the last few weeks, but I have been swamped with a number of big projects. As soon as I have more than five minutes at one time to blog – I have a great blog post to write on some really cool stuff I have been doing with CSS. Stay tuned!