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Apple Hints

Sample Video Files

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There usually comes a time when working on a project where I need to show the client how a particular video plugin works. I sometimes will do a quick Google search to find a sample video file to put in – but today when searching for a “sample MP4 video” – I found something extremely helpful: QuickTime: Sample files. There are sample files in the following format to use: H.264 (for iPod models with video capability) Animation MPEG-4 3GPP 3GPP2 MPEG 2 Sorenson Thanks Apple for making these available. My search for sample video content just got a lot easier! Read more

General People

Cool "Green" House

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I have been enjoying Amanda Congdon via video for a few years now and recently she did an awesome interview about with an owner/builder of an amazing “green” house. If you have any interest in the environment and being more “green”, check out her video! Read more