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my OS X web development setup.

If you find yourself developing more than one web site at home, or anywhere with a *NIX machine with Apache, and want to be able to access all the sites for testing, it is time to set up Virtual Hosts. By using Virtual Hosts, you can access all your web sites easily (especially if you […]

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good UNIX quick reference.

Everyone needs a good UNIX quick reference for the times you cannot remeber the command you need, but you know exists, and I recently found a good one, good enough to bookmark until I compile my own. The Univeristy of Washington’s Quick Reference: Unix Commands


cheers! windows applications without windows.

This weekend, in between validatint my code, football, and SoCom II, I ran into a cool project that I think is worth mentioning: Darwine. For people like me that do not always have access to a PC but believes in QA for multiple browsers/platforms, there are times when all I need is IE for Windows. […]

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sed and awk.

In my latest bit of training, I learned about sed and awk. sed is a line editor (stream editor) (scripting with ed). awk is a pattern-directed scanning and processing language and divides each line to fields by separating words by spaces or other specified field separators. Some tidbits about using sed to quickly edit files: […]

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regular expressions help.

No, the site was not hacked, I chose to write about regular expressions. I am in my last section of my UNIX/Linux Systems Administrator training and I am equally excited about regular expressions as I was about learning subnets. I know regular expressions are very powerful, and I remember enjoying subnets after I finally figured […]



I am always looking for cool stuff for Mac OS X…and I have been carrying around a bookmark for growl for the last few months, and today I finally installed it. Growl is “a global notification system for Mac OS X .” Translation: something really cool that works with multiple apps. So you have mail […]

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more helpful UNIX stuff.

While I am taking my UNIX/LINUX Systems Administration training, I pick up cool UNIX tidbits and it is time to share some more of my latest tidbits. (First installment) Random commands and information I have jotted down: When compiling something from source code, I used to always use: ./configure then make then make install, but […]


UNIX/LINUX training update.

Well, two parts of my training done, and two more to go. I have to say, when I saw that I would have to spend 40 hours learning about networking and dns, I was a little worried, but now looking back at it, I really learned a lot and enjoyed what I learned. Who knew?

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network help.

Well. Today I relived my college days as a student taking Math 110 (Business Calculus). I felt like I understood…so much that I thought I got a 90% or above on the exam…then reality would set in and I would get a 47%. Welcome to 2004, Networking/DNS now replaces Math 110…and I am stuck on […]

Apple Hints HOWTOs UNIX

configuring ipfw on mac os x 10.3.

Sometimes the GUI is awesome. Sometimes you just need more control over your conf files that the GUI offers. I wanted to have more specific firewall rules for my computers and servers running Mac OS X Client, more than the default OS X 10.3 built-in firewall configuration that is provided. First, let’s look at all […]

Hints UNIX

helpful UNIX commands.

Well, I am halfway through my UNIX filesystem training and I wanted to share some useful commands I have learned along the way: grep -i = grep ignoring cases grep -v name = grep ignoring all lines with “name” in it grep word * = grep in the current directory for all lines with “word” […]