Jappler Recommends: McDonalds' Online Monopoly Game

If there is one thing I absolutely love about McDonalds (besides their superior Coke mixture) I love their Monopoly game. I even dreamt about the game a few nights ago that I pulled off Park Place and Boardwalk from the same Coke…and won $246. With that said – the excitement of pulling off the little game pieces from my medium Coke and putting them onto the board is usually enough to make me smile. I happened to have a pile of pieces at my house (maybe 6) and decided to go online and check out their “online Monopoly game“. When I first got to the page – I was instantly frustrated. My #21 pet peeve in life happens to be sites that resize my browser window. However, after I resize it back to how I wanted it – I was blown away with the coolness of the site. I entered in my name and information, and then started to play. It was cool, intense, and well done (and my #12 pet peeve in life is overdone flash). I look forward to playing soon! If you have not checked this out – do it! (This means you Julie)

*For the most fun, wait until you have 5 pieces – each piece = roll of the dice.

people pet peeves.

Wow. While I find it interesting dealing with a diverse group of people, I also find it interesting that some people have no clue to to socially interact with others. My short list of people pet peeves begin here.

  1. The person who talks over everyone else. Wow. Sound familiar? I pick up the phone to talk to someone that needs my help. I pick up the phone, being introducing myself politely, and before I can say anything more…the other voice on the phone starts talking over me, talking about what is wrong. As soon as I sense a pause, I try to offer my help, but the voice again starts talking over me…so much so that I do not say anything until they are for sure done. I then attempt to say what I tried before, but stopped because I do not want to talk over someone that s talking over me. Although I can deal with this situation by patiently waiting…having someone talk over me, especially when they want my assistance, is my #1 people related pet peeve. Want to test my patience? Try this trick.
  2. The salesman who always assumes “the man of the house” is the decision maker. Ladies, this has to sound familiar. When buying my Volvo #2, I brought a friend a long for the search. Who did the salesman go right up to? My male friend. I also called a business this weekend to set up an appointment for a home related repair. After asking me if the man of the house would be home for the decision making process, I told him he would not have my business. Business lesson learned: never assume.
  3. The person who always has to have the last word. This is that guy in my History 20 class that I avoided at all costs, yet seemed to always get thrown into discussion groups with him…which was completely worthless because it ended up being a who can get the last word in. The Mac OS X Server listserve has one of these too. Unfortunately, I have also been introduced to one of these people in the recent past. Lots of deep breaths…and hopes for a good SNL skit of an episode of The Office about “that guy”. PS. Your insecurities are obvious.
  4. The loud cell phone talker. This is a given for anyone who takes public transportation. Really, we do not care that your child’s teacher is “lying” about your son’s homework completion. In fact, we believe your son is the actual liar in the bunch. It was a happy day when I again overhear you yell at your son because you found out the teacher was telling the truth. Thanks for that laugh.

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