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Jappler Recommends: Words With Friends

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I admit it – I am hooked on Words With Friends (very similar to Scrabble). One of my friends got me hooked last week and ever since I have been playing with him and some random people online. What is this? Think Scrabble with a beautiful interface, the ability to play one turn at a time at your own pace – with friends and strangers alike. Some days I will place several words. Other days – I might only have time for one or two words. Games can take a few hours or a few days. Either way – it... Read More » Read more


My iPad

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My iPad…do I love it? Yes. Is it everything I imagined? Yes. Is it better than expected? Yes. Is the keyboard easy to use? Yes. Do I love it? Oh my yes. Am I using it now for this post? Yes! Beautiful work Apple. I best describe this as “the future”. Read more


Ahh, the iPad

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Well – I have been holding my breath since the death of the Newton (10+ years ago) for something like the iPad and the day is finally here. Will I get one? For sure! Even the first version? Yes! (Even though Ben usually gets screwed with version 1 of Apple products – my favorite all time Apple products have been version 1 (my beloved Blue & White, iPhone, Mac Mini, and the Bondi blue iMac) Will I stand in line for it? Possibly – depends on the weather. What do I love about it? I have been thinking about getting... Read More » Read more