Easily Find Font Information For Any Web Site

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Ever go to a site and really like the font but too lazy or not sure how to see what font they are using? Perhaps you are a developer and need to know the exact font size, color, and font family your developer is using so you can make sure everything is pixel perfect. Both of these tasks become quick and painless with the “WhatTheFont!” Chrome extension. After you have installed it – you will then see a little “f?” icon at the top of your browser. By clicking on this icon – you are then able to click anywhere… Read More »

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random cool web findings.

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I wanted to share some interesting recent web finds: Zamzar. Convert your files without downloading any software. Yahoo! Food. Recipes, restaurants, videos…basically the Food Network done Yahoo! style. Super Mario Brothers Synthesizer. Everyone who played Mario will at least get a kick out of hearing some of the great sounds again. PDF Pad. Downloadable calendars, graph paper, etc in PDF format. Fontifier. Now you can create your own handwriting font…using your own handwriting. Free NHL games on Google Video. Now if only my father had a high speed connection!

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