feedburner (email posts) error.

Thanks for everyone that signed up to read the Evan news via email. I am sorry to say though that what you signed up for was to have these (jappler) posts emailed to you and that is my fault…I forgot to change one piece of code. Please unsubscribe from this by clicking the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the email you get with this post in it, and then go back out to evan.jappler.com to sign up for what you wanted to actually read (the correct code is up there and tested).
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Last Friday I decided to finally check out FeedBurner. I am now using their service for my RSS feed, so anyone who reads subscribes to my RSS feed will notice some changes.

Now via RSS, you are able to:

  • Email the post to anyone
  • Add the post to del.icio.us
  • Add comments
  • Read Comments
  • Check out related posts from Sphere

If you want to subscribe to my RSS feed, please do so by clicking on the FeedBurner RSS icon. I have also added an option to email readers when there is a new post in case there are some of you out there that still do not use a RSS reader but likes to keep on top of blog posts.
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