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Favorite Fall Snack

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It is fall, candy corn is in all the stores…and eating it seems like an ok thing to do on occasion. What is better than plain candy corn? Candy corn and Planters dry roasted peanuts mixed together. Never had it? It is a great sweet/salty combo (best enjoyed with exercise and plenty of water)! Enjoy. Read more

Serenity Now!

Random Fridays: Thank Goodness Summer is Almost Over

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Summers seem most people’s favorite times of the year because of vacations, being outside, etc and while I generally do not hate summers – I also am not a fan. You can keep the heat, summer vacations, and all of that because my favorite time of the year is quickly approaching…fall. Fall to me means more routine (try living with a teacher when you are not on their schedule in the summer), college and professional football, fall golf (I have not been out since April…gasp), and cooler temperatures. This summer has been hell on wheels for me, but through all... Read More » Read more


Pumpkin Seeds

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I love pumpkin seeds and I absolutely love the fall because I can get some pumpkins, carve them, and then cook and eat their wonderful seeds. I have also been suckered into trying off-season pumpkin seeds from just about every company that makes them…and they all have been a huge disappointment in some way or another. (Too salty, stale, no flavor, etc) A few months ago while at Whole Foods – I decided to try their pumpkin seed hearts in bulk. The only downfall with these are they are only the hearts – so you do not get the enjoyment... Read More » Read more