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Sloppy page loadI have not spent a lot of time on the Adobe web site since the Adobe/Macromedia meld. I have to say – after just spending 10 minutes on the Adobe web site (buying Photoshop CS3), I am very disappointed with their layout and their implementation of the layout. There were numerous spots where the menus did not load for several seconds (longer than other web sites), text was cut off, and during page load – elements were just really ugly. Yes – this happens sometimes, but I expected a lot more from Adobe. On top of this, the font looks horrible and like something that would have been ok on Windows but not on a Mac and not from the type king Adobe. My Adobe experience was very disappointing.

An example of the cut off, ugly text in the store (look at “Sign In” and “Welcome”):
Adobe’s cut off text

goodbye golive.

I am not sure that there are too many people like me still around…people that have used GoLive since it was actually called GoLive CyberStudio and owned by GoLive Systems Inc. I have been using GoLive for site management on static sites for nine years now and although I knew this day would come…Adobe finally announced they would phase GoLive out in favor of Dreamweaver. Thankfully I only use GoLive for one site (and hand code use CSS for all the others or use a CMS), but after using something for nine years it makes me a little sad to hear it will no longer be updated. (I always did think that version 4 was by far the most superior…and that every version since just brought more bloat.) Goodbye GoLive.
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