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Day 3: Panic, Day 4: Done.

Well, yesterday after hours of frustration and CSS style sheet number three, I started thinking that what I wanted was not possible…not even close. Thoughts entered my mind like : “maybe I will forward all IE users to a nice web site on standards” and “maybe I could pdf my web site and make users […]

CSS Web Development

day 2, style sheet 2.

Well well. Who says you should settle? I decided to completely re-write my style sheet and I have almost everything down for both IE and Netscape (FireFox, Safari, Netscape) browsers. Some things I still need to look at are the bulleted lists on the right (blog) and some other details. I again feel like I […]


How many times have I heard that perfection is never achievable? Well, after countless hours (and when I mean countless, I mean over 60) I have decided to release the newest version of I have to still finish my IE CSS style sheet, but other than that, I am going to say that this […]

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text wrangler (now free!).

I have been using BBEdit Lite ever since I learned HTML back in college. I have never owned a full version because I use Adobe GoLive’s source code editor for any of my source code needs where I like to have an auto-complete option when writing code. Thanks to Bare Bones Software, I can now […] v5

Well, now that I have spent countless hours working on mastering CSS and also getting back to my color scheme of choice (not sure what it is? you will have to wait) I am getting ready to release yet another version of I am finished with my site style sheet for NS browsers and […]

CSS Standards Web Development

css, a voyage.

Oh my. Well, by blog was getting ugly with all of my leftover CSS problems, so I decided to sit down and figure this out. I have 95% of all this figured out, still some problems with Firefox and the li dots. I am not happy with the word/letter spacing, but who knows. All this […]

Content Management Systems Web Development

content management systems.

So perhaps you have considered implementing a content management system for yourself of your company. I have gone back and forth several times. Do I want to use one because of all the feautures and role based options? Do I want to not use one so I can fully customize everything? Do I have time […]

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encoding email addresses.

Spam. We are all sick of it. Contact information…if you have a web site it is most likely you will need to post your contact information (email address) somewhere. To stop robots from spidering your email address, I would suggest encoding it. Yeah, if you notice my email address is not always encoded on my […] Standards Web Development

another day, another design.

This is officially design #4 for My web sites are always evolving, and I am always trying to build my template library, so here we are again. I needed a PSU blue for my site, and I finally have it. I have not used this blue since 1998, and when looking at my site…all […]