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know your resources: mailing lists.

I like to think I know a lot about web design, hosting, development, etc, but I also like to think when I am unsure of something, I know where I like to go. (not to mention I like to use commas) If you are a web developer with questions or would like to help web […]

Apple Web Development

tiger (10.4) and

Most people that would be reading this are probably very familar with Apple’s web site and know that Mac OS X 10.4 is coming out later this month on April 29th. My random thought for the day…when is Apple going to update their web site design? Apple’s web site design has been very influencial over […]


wordpress quicktags fix for safari and photo options.

After taking a look back at Moveable Type, I decided it was time to look for a new photo management plugin for WordPress. I decided to first try PhotoPress because it sounded pretty cool (thumbnails, random pictures, etc) Since the move to WordPress 1.5, I noticed that my quicktags no longer exisited when I used […]

Content Management Systems

where have I been? zmi.

I have been really busy the past few days, too busy to blog? Probably not…but I have been really focused on a few projects to learn new technology. My biggest project at has been getting plone customized. I knew it was time to get serious with some solid CMS solution, and plone was the best […]

Apple UNIX Web Development

Mac OS, UNIX, and Web Development Training

I have been looking for good Mac (not MAC) OS and UNIX training opportunities and think I finally came up with the missing piece, Big Nerd Ranch. Over the years, I have looked for good training for Mac OS X/Mac OS X Server, Apache, PHP, and other web technologies, but have often come up empty […]

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my OS X web development setup.

If you find yourself developing more than one web site at home, or anywhere with a *NIX machine with Apache, and want to be able to access all the sites for testing, it is time to set up Virtual Hosts. By using Virtual Hosts, you can access all your web sites easily (especially if you […]

Hints WordPress

spam karma plugin.

Since moving to WordPress 1.5 I have been getting tons of comment spam, but I finally have a solution. I am using the spam karma plugin. Within a few minutes of installing it I had it up and running, blocking comment spam left and right. In less than 24 hours, I have blocked 72 comment […] Web Development WordPress

excuse the dust, updated to WP 1.5.

I updated my installation of WordPress to 1.5, and am still working out some problems with some of the plugins that have not been updated yet. I am hoping to get everything working ASAP, but until then, you might notice a few things are a little funky (like my photos). I have also been going […]

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an upgrade, a monkey, and future CSS fun.

After my daily tech new sweep, I stumbled on some web related news I wanted to point out: WordPress has a new version out: 1.5 After looking back at an old screenshot, I saw I had Webmonkey as a toolbar favorite, so I decided to go to the Webmonkey web site, and behold…new articles! (I […]

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If I Can Learn Perl…

When we bought our condo 3 years ago, we repainted every square inch of the place…ceilings, baseboards, walls, etc. We also tore up all the carpet, put down 900sq ft. of Pergo and then the two bedrooms got new carpet. The only two floors that did not get redone, were our two bathroom floors. Finally […]

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Clean Code With Tidy

When I first started creating web pages with using SimpleText or BBEdit, my code was super clean…it might not have been as complicated as it now, but everything was in it’s place and it was damn impressive to look at. Enter in GoLive CyberStudio (now Adobe GoLive). Lots of great features and awesome site management, […]

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firefox plugin: web developer

When designing web sites and then performing QA/validating I have found the Firefox plugin “web developer” to be invaluable. (I am finishing up and my validation this weekend). You can easily view all your CSS elements, validate your CSS, outline tables, view page information, even view a page’s speed report. I would highly recommend […]