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Music and My Life

I listen to music almost all day, everyday. Yesterday I grabbed the latest NIN album from: and it made me think about how the music stage is really evolving.

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What Am I Listening To These Days?

People that know me, know I like to listen to my music with the volume cranked up, that I work better with music in the background, and that I am passionate about great music. For the last few years, I have really gotten into vocal trance (dance music that is a bit more edgy/hard than […]


Jappler Recommends: Amy Winehouse

I have been in a music rut for awhile now – I have not changed the CDs in my car’s CD changer for multiple weeks, not because I am lazy, but because I cannot think of anything I really want to listen to while driving. I generally listen to either some sort of electronica/DJ music […]

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Random Points of Interest

I have been completely swamped with work for the last week, but I wanted to share some random points of interest that I have stumbled upon over the last few days. I sat down to relax after a long day of coding to watch a great show on the History Channel called: Hooked: Illegal Drugs […]


DJ GT vs. Project C

I listen to music all day long. I think it helps me work and stay focused and excited on my projects. I cannot speak highly enough about the DJ GT vs. Project C mixes from Generation Trance. If you like dance/electronica/trance music at all make sure you check out a few of the DJ GT […]



House home. House music. My parents or anyone that knew me prior to 1996 can tell you…I like my music and I like my music loud. (1996? yeah…that is when I was forced to keep my music volume lower because of neighbor complaints). Finally…almost 10 years later I am able to crank the volume up […]


Depeche Mode: Playing the Angel

There are a handful of bands/singers that I absolutely love (U2, Madonna, NIN, Paul Oakenfold, and of course Depeche Mode) and buying their albums right away is a must. Depeche Mode will always be one of my favorite bands of all times. So many of my memories growing up can easily be recounted depending on […]


New Favorite DJ: Project C

I have a ton of CDs, mp3, etc on my computer, but these days my favorite music to listen is located on an internet radio station: Vocal Trance from DI.FM. I have a few favorite radio stations bookmarked in iTunes, but nothing has been more satisfying than this Vocal Trance station for the last few […]


U2 Concert Last Night

Last night three friends and I went to see U2 in concert. What a show! We had fantastic seats in the 17th row and U2 was as amazing as ever! I have seen U2 in concert a handful of times, but there was something this time that absolutely blew me away…the number of open cell […]


Finally, The Prodigy Releases a New CD!

I still remember the day when a co-worker told me I would like this group called The Prodigy. Turns out she was right. That was back in 1997, today it is 2004…and it has been a long seven years since I had new material from them, but so far I really like the album. A […]