documentation is key.

I am in the process of finishing up a project for my consulting company and one of the final things I do before handing over everything to my client is to provide detailed documentation of what I did, how I did it, and how to modify what I created. Why? I feel it is very important to empower my clients by giving them solutions they can maintain or that the very least – make minor but important changes (navigation changes, content changes, etc). After finishing up the documentation tonight, I decided to centralize my documentation for my clients by setting up MediaWiki (my wiki of choice) and then setting up access to different clients. By using a wiki, I can easily maintain the documentation I have done for all my projects (a good reminder of what I did when I need to update/change my code in the future, as well as I can have the clients add personal notes, etc on what they have found to work. I will install and set up the wiki this weekend and then start moving over my documentation from all my current clients so I can get them using the wiki. I hope this works out!
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