How Late Will I Be Up Tonight?

Each year I enjoy staying up as late as I can so I can go to bed knowing who got elected. The past two elections have made this a little difficult, but I am hoping this year to make it until Barrack gives either speech at Grant Park in downtown Chicago. I hope to go to bed happy this year…at a decent time!

Regardless of who wins, this is an exciting day. I look forward to seeing how many people actually vote, what the voting issues were, and how the voting process will change (or most likely not change) in the next election to handle the issues we had this time around. This day is history in the making…and to be a part of it is an awesome feeling.

The Vote: 2008

I remember voting in 1996 – my first ever Presidential election. Back in those days I attended Young Republican meetings at Penn State and I voted for Bob Dole. The next two elections I voted for the democrats that ran and even attended my first rally (for Al Gore) in Daley Plaza with Ben and I have to say it was pretty awesome. I would have considered voting for McCain in 2000 – I thought he was a stronger candidate than Bush, but others disagreed with me.

This election is huge. I was really hoping Hillary Clinton would be the Democratic candidate, but over the last few months I have seen Barrack Obama really shine…making McCain, in my personal opinion, not even people really talk about. (Ex:I am voting for Obama; I am not voting for Obama; vs. I am voting for McCain; I am not voting for McCain)

This election, regardless of who I/you vote for, it has to be a vote of confidence. Confidence in the gaining the respect we as a country have lost in the last eight years. Confidence in our ability to pull ourselves out of this economic mess. Confidence to make this country can still be the best country in the world for us and our families to live and prosper.

With that said – I really do not feel the need to persuade you to vote one way or the other…but please vote. When your kids, grandkid, and if you are lucky, great-grandkids talk to you about this crazy turning point in history – by voting you can at least show them that you cared enough to actually make a choice.