random coolness.

I have a busy few days coming up so I am not sure how much I can post. I decided to post a few random things that I find cool:

  • I have officially gone through all my bookmarks and moved everything to de.licio.us so if you ever want see what I feel is bookmarkable…take a look. This is potentially really cool because you could get a RSS feed of all my bookmarks to see my latest additions or you could get a RSS feed of a specific tag or tags that I use for my bookmarks. Pretty slick. I have also convinced Doug to use this service too so I can easily access all his bookmarks too.
  • We welcomed a new member (nephew) into the family on June 12: Nicholas was born just before 2pm
  • Kittens like Front Row!
  • Ubuntu 6.0.6 is out. I am downloading the PowerPC image as I type…
  • A friend just pointed out to me that you can do crosswords online for free at Chicago Sun Times’s web site. Yes, I am a Sun Times fan not a Chicago Tribune fan. No one understands this 😉
  • I have been using a Safari plugin for the last few weeks and have forgot to mention it: Safari Tidy. This plugin is validates all the pages you browse for (X)HTML compliance. I am always interested to see who cares about web standards.
  • Get your golf balls with custom imprinting!
  • Tetris (with sound!) using the Yahoo! User Interface Library

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ubuntu 5.10 for PPC.

Well, after some problems downloading the 3.3GB image of Fedora Core 5 and then my PowerBook not recognizing the DVD media (no, I was not about to re-download all five install CD images and burn them to CD…this is not 1993 again with installer floppies everywhere…and I did not have any other DVD media on hand), I decided to try a different flavor of Linux: Ubuntu. A few people that I I have been talking to recently either prefer Ubuntu, or have recently tried it, like Tim. Since the install image is only 644.5MB, I decided it might be the time to try it out.

From the very beginning, I was impressed. I first had problems with my install because of a CD error, but to my delight, the Ubuntu installer gav eme an option to set up a web server with a click of a button which served all the installation log files so I could look at them and find the problem. When I got home, I burned another copy and while my Comcast connection was out (TV and internet!) I installed and configured Ubuntu with ease.

What I really like so far about Ubuntu:

  • small install (one CD worth)
  • Ubuntu recognized all my hardware without me having to hack anything!
  • the ability to run Ubuntu from a CD (live CD)
  • awesome documentation in the help menu…the “Tips and Tricks” rock, and answered most of my questions
  • the “Snaptic Package Manager” which easily allows you to install packages
  • after installing packages with the “Snaptic Package Manager”, the new applications are put in appropriate menus, etc!
  • the great little sounds I get when clicking on buttons and icons 😉

So far, I am extremely happy with Ubuntu and look forward to using it more and more. It is plenty fast and if all goes well, I may see how it runs on my Apple cube so I can get that back into play. As of now…this is, by far, my favorite flavor of Linux I have played with (Yellow Dog, Mandrake (Mandriva), Redhat, and Fedora FC3, FC4). If you are looking to run Linux, give Ubuntu some attention – it gets the Jappler stamp of approval!

PS. Happy 5th birthday to Mac OS X today. Five years ago, Mac OS X 10.0 was released!
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